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Thank you Letter from IOC's President Mr. Thomas Bach for the hospitality in Pristina

28.04.2015 11:37:35

Lausanne, 24 April 2015

Dear president and friend,

It was a great pleasure to see you in Pristina, my first official visit to Kosovo since the IOC granted full recognition to your National Olympic Committee in December 2014.

The warmth of your welcome at the National Olympic Committee Headquarters and the enthusiasm of the children taking part in the fun run was something I will not easily forget.

Let me thank you also for the magnificent mosaic of Mother Theresa that you presented to me. It really is a fine piece of art and a very good reminder of our visit.

As our “youngest child” we will be watching the progress of the National Olympic Committee of Kosovo very carefully. Should your athletes be fortunate to win an Olympic medal in Rio de Janeiro I will do my best to be there to present it.

As I mentioned during our discussion, I am confident that this recognition will help nation-building in your country. This is because sport has the power to unite people. Everyone can participate, in sport, all people are equal – all ethnic groups, all cultures and all religions. It was good to hear that sport in your country is open to all no matter what their background.

Thank you once again for the warm hospitality you showed me and my delegation while in Pristina.

With all good wishes and best regards

Thomas Bach

Medaljet e fituara në Lojërat Olimpike

Kosova për herë të parë mori pjesë në Lojërat Olimpike “RIO 2016”. Medaljen e artë e ka fituar xhudistja, Majlinda Kelmendi, në kategorinë deri 52 kilogram.